Whether you need a brand new garden, want to renovate an existing one or require some advice, I offer a number of comprehensive services which include:

Garden Consultancy

You might not want to need a full garden design, you may just want to discuss a change of planting plan, garden maintenance or need to adapt your garden due to changing needs like children, mobility or re-sale.

Following the consultation I will write a detailed report containing advice and possible solutions.

This initial consultation usually lasts around 2 hours and is a fixed fee of £100

Full Design Service

1. Initial meeting and consultation

This involve a visiting to your home to see your current garden we then we sit down to discuss exactly what you want from your garden, sharing ideas and thoughts. I will then be able to assess your garden and will write to you with a detailed report of the brief, approximate fees and information on how to proceed.

This initial consultation usually lasts around 2 hours.

A typical cost for a small garden start around £500.

2. Site Survey

This is a very important part of the design process and entails gathered very specific information like exact dimensions of your garden and soil analysis. We will also discuss the hard and soft materials to be used. This will be hand drawn to appropriate scale.

3. Outline Plans

The first draft will consist of a detailed hand drawn plan which will try to meet all of the requirements for your new garden. We can discuss any changes that may be required before the final design is to be drawn up.

4. Final Plans

The final plan will be hand drawn to scale, and can include axonometric drawings.

5. Construction Drawings

These are specific diagrams for the contractor on the hard landscaping elements of the garden

6. Planting Plans

This is a detailed drawing showing all the plants that will be planted.